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Last Call For Deals - Up to 75% Off - Ends 11/28
Let's go to Europe

Let's go to Europe

Follow along with Vijay Raju (@yajivujar) and his friend Gordon Wadsworth (@Quadsworth) as they set out for the Single Speed World Championships in Slovenia, where the winner accepts a tattoo. (And only has the choice of where and which size.)

They’re flying over to Italy, driving to Slovenia for some rides and the Championships, then back to Italy for an extended layover in Amsterdam.

Check back in to see all of the mountain views, waterfalls, brews and bikes, SSWC costumes, and hopefully some fresh ink.



Flying over Italy
Venice canals
Amazing sight of the Venice canals and boats
Sunset over Venice, Italy
Loading up the car to drive to Slovenia
Cruising through the mountains
Stoked for the ride
Drinking up this view
Taking in the mountainside views
Bike, bikes, and bikes
& Bikes
Home is where my bike is.
"Hi, Mom!"
-THE- bike
Taking a break
Triglav National Park views
Triglav National Park waterfall
Triglav National Park detour.


Race day prep.
It's a costume party.
The longer you stare, the weirder it gets.
Hill Killer winners. 
Find a beer challenge. 
Single Speed World Champions!
Winner tattoos!
Bikes on bikes.
Best view in town.
Second best view in town.
End of day goals.
Relaxed day of riding. 
Cruising time. 
Killing the hills in Slovenia.
Taking in the views.
Bike views. 
Hill Killer.
Dropping in.
Checking our route.
Heading into town.
Making a needed pit stop.
Ending with a view.
Packing up to head home.
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