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Community Voices: Coralie Dee

Community Voices: Coralie Dee

Meet Coralie Dee Arthur, a proud vegan who hails from across the pond! If you follow her on Instagram (@coralie.dee), you’ll see her repping Hill Killer in the Scottish mountains, often with her Dad by her side. Get to know more about her life in honor of Vegan Month!

1. Where are you from?
I am from the North- East of Scotland, near the Cairngorm Mountains.

2. How long have you been a vegan and what inspired you to embrace veganism?
I have been vegan for two years now and my Dad inspired me to go vegan. My younger brother introduced veganism to the family, however, my Dad’s thought process initially was to try veganism before criticising my brother. Subsequently, he has never looked back and neither have I. Knowing that if my Dad (who was brought up on a farm) could do it, so could I.

Coralie Dee wins her group in Triathlon Scotland 3. How has a plant-based diet impacted your workout regimen?
Honestly, I cannot explain how amazing it feels to be a vegan athlete. Eating plants has made me stronger physically and mentally. I am able to train harder and longer than ever before and recovery is a lot faster. I am able to enjoy my workouts even more knowing I feel clean, fresh and strong.

4. What question do you hear most about being a vegan athlete?
“But what can you actually eat?” Yup, definitely the question I get asked the most. All I need to do is show them my Instagram page or my phone which is filled with vegan food pictures and videos.

5. Can you describe the European vegan scene?
Do you think it differs from that in America? After a recent trip to London, I can safely say that the vegan scene is utterly amazing. The sheer number of all vegan restaurants and food stalls around the city was awesome. As a girl who lives in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains, I am very much into eating whole foods from supermarkets, but there are many vegan options in our shops over here. I have heard that America does not have as many options, but it is slowly getting there. Hopefully, Europe has influenced more people over in America and we will start seeing vegan food everywhere around the world.

Our Vegan Month celebration continues! Follow along for more insight from our community.
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