Ice & Fire Bibshorts

Project Arrow Kits are a the slim fit, pro level option. Offered by Hill Killer these bib shorts are crafted with hand selected fabrics, aerodynamic fit, experimental design and finish. This is Project Arrow.

This is a Project Arrow Product

Project Arrow is a professional line of cycling apparel by Hill Killer, with upgraded features and a skin-tight fit.

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Gear Features

Designed to hug your body tight to reduce wind resistance, fabric bunching and chaffing.
Light weight, moisture wicking designed to hold tight
Keeps your shorts in place with a very soft feel.
Just the right amount of padding to keep you comfortable and light, rated for long distance riding.
Keeping your shoulders cool and your legs happy!
Printed with high quality Italian sublimation ink, we ensure these colors will never fade and will stay brilliant for many rides to come.